Friday, January 21, 2011

I put my new shoes on...

These are my new shoes! Remember awhile back I wanted a good pair of black heels with just a little bit of character? Well these are them. Aren't they beautiful? They are really high and just so lovely on. I got them from a shop on Ebay called Show Story Shop (such a bloody tongue twister!). I love that shop, they always have such unique shoes...

Unfortunately I am not wearing these beauties today even though I think that outfit looks so cool! Very New York chic I thought. I was simply trying them on and showing them off to you. They will get a proper debut at my friends 21st next Saturday.

No, I am wearing my trusty cons today with my loose shirt and comfy leggings because I am having an experimentation day for my new project in college while listening to Paolo Nutini... So there will be a lot of photography, sketching, sheer messing with different mediums and some dancing too. Heels would not have been appropriate (though much cooler).

Shirt/Leggings: Penneys
Heels: Ebay


  1. holy moley Ro!
    Swit frikkin swoooooo!

  2. I absolutely love those bows on the back! Can't beat a good pair of black heels.

  3. so cute black heels cannot be beaten so wearable and fun with the bows x

  4. Ooh, purty... And a reminder to buy a pair of black heels!

  5. Love this outfit so pretty and chic!x