Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just a few...

Was browsing this morning in Topshop to see what they had to offer me and I found some darling things that I now want, no, need in my wardrobe and in my life...

First up are a pair of suedette leggings. I really want a pair. Last year was leather (which I still love) but this year seems to be suede and (unfortunately) velvet when it comes to ones leggings. The suede is cool, bohemian, effortlessly chic and deserves recognition. Velvet just reminds of Juicy Couture and soccer moms who should know better. Not good.

But Suede leggings gets the thumbs up from me... now gimme!

The second is this stunning crochet kimono cardigan thingy! Reason for my lust is probably due to the seventies trend that I am so in love with this year. But also because its very very pretty and looks super comfy. Perfect for jeans on a sunny afternoon (when will that come?).

The final item of my desire is this little yellow number. You may disagree but I feel it is quite diverse and a perfect day-to-night piece. If it were mine I would wear it with my with tee and cute pomps during the day and then slip on my dark brown platform sandals and boyfriend blazer for night. A messy model look... Perfect!

Ok I'm done drooling...

Now can someone give me the money to buy these pretty things, please and thank you!


  1. lusting over that petal skirt x

  2. LOVE that cardigan... damn you!!