Sunday, January 30, 2011


Apologies for the lack of posting this week, I have had a hectic week with college work and then a big 21st shindig for my friend Finch! So please do forgive me...

Anyway here is a seriously lazy post. I just saw this image on Asos and realised that it contains colours that I feel should be in my colour palette for the coming year. Simply beautiful! I am not a huge fan of very vibrant colour but black and grey are not best suited for the warmer months. So these colours will do nicely!

And just look at these palazzo pants! Slightly punchier colour than the image above (same trousers) but I really do love this colour. It's dirty vibrant! And only €51!! I want, I want, I want!


  1. Dirty Vibrant... I love it:)! Ive always liked those colours but they just dont suit me:(! x

  2. I just hope I'm not too short for palazzo pants