Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Year of the Flare...

 Fashion Squad


So I'm getting a bit bored of the auld skinny jeans... I'm just not interested in them anymore. I still love my leggings though.

My interest in flares has erupted once more. My first proper pair of jeans were these light coloured, blue flares when I was twelve. I lived in them til the ripped. I felt so cool in them. I loved them... But then I started wearing wide leg jeans, the boot-cut and finally skinny. But now it has come full circle. I think I had it right all along

I have two pairs (I've had them over a year) and I rarely wore them, even though I love the shape. But after seeing them on a few bloggers I'm feeling inspired and I cannot wait to start living and loving in my flares again.

I wanna get a nice dark blue pair (I already have a medium and a light blue pair). I feel I could wear these at night as well. I thought they would be very nice with a mauve/cream chiffon fitted top and some tan platforms.

I have my eye on this pair from Awear. They look sleek, sexy, fun yet comfortable. I want! Only 30 spoons, bargain!

Am I alone in my flare love?


  1. I love flares. My first pair were original 1970's ones that once belonged to my uncle! My mam had cut a patch of the lower leg to fix something or other so I added some ditsy pink fabric and wore them to death!

    All the jeans I own, bar one pair, are flares!

  2. Loving the 70's look. Flares with a pussy-bow blouse and perhaps a floppy hat - must haves in my wardrobe for 2011!!
    Not able to throw out my skinnies, just yet!!
    Lady Peach

  3. can I be flare indifferent?! if only they looked as good on me as they do on rumi!!