Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cold sun keeps me hopeful...



Yesterday I woke up to the sun shining through my window and I got that ever too familiar feeling of summer. It is awhile away but the feeling is slowly seeping into my thawing bones.

And so I am think of my summer wardrobe, which is always good in my head but never fully materialises (hopefully it will this year). At the moment I'm dreaming of palazzo pants, chunky wooden sandals, full skirted shirt dresses, flares, raybans, leather belts, muted lipstick, floppy hats, fedora hats, leather/suede shorts and muted colours such as burnt orange, camel, khaki, white, grey, petrol blue and dusky pink.

Too much???

I'm lusting after these two pair of shorts at the moment. Materials are divine, Cuts are beautiful and the colours are yummy yummy! I think they'd work with both faded band tees and converse and also with silk blouses and platform sandals.

Am I too early to be wanting my summer wardrobe? Does anyone else get bored of their seasonal wardrobes and die to get into the next season? Right now I want my summer wardrobe but come September I will want my chunky knits, opaque tights and leather boots.

Maybe I'm just fickle...


  1. never to early..I cant wait to start wearing my topshop leathers sans tights!

  2. I'm totally with you; I have spent the last two weeks talking myself out of buying a whole wardrobe full of totally unnecessary summery things on Asos. Absolutely DYING for my summer wardrobe!