Monday, February 14, 2011

Graphic Monday...

So I decided to mix things up on Graphic Monday... Every so often (when they allow me) I am going to showcase the work of my classmates. After all they are a talented bunch!

First up is Miss Emma Kilduff and her "Flatlands" project. I would go into it but it is so very complicated and I really don't think you need the back story to appreciate her work. The colours are so rich and the typeface is good and chunky! This is not the finished piece of course but I thought these were so gorgeous that I had to put them up (I will put up the final article once it is done). I cannot wait to see it when it is completed...

Did I mention I'm dead jealous!?

Also this is not Emma's first time on a blog for her work. The lovely Blaubushka posted the photos Emma took of me for the Blogging for Boobs campaign. She'll go far!

Oh to explain the last photo... Em... that's Finch and I posing. I need a lot of work! But he has got his smize down!

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