Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wiggle that skirt of bunches...

I feel like I haven't done an outfit post in so long... The pure scandal of it all! Remember a week ago or so I was searching for a comfy, loose dress for college, well this sort of fits the brief. Now, when I got it (€16.50 bargain!!!) never thought it would be great for college (since it is so wonderfully fussy) but I wore it today into college and had a fairly busy day and the dress was so comfortable. I didn't have to keep fixing it or anything, though I was trying to keep it clean while doing stencil prints (white coats and badly-made blue tissue pinnies galore!)

But everyone told me I looked lovely and fancy one of my friends said she would totally wear it out at night and one of the technicians asked me where was I off to all dressed up. It could have been the shoes but I don't know if it is a lazy/busy day dress or just a pretty dress that is comfy... I'm thinking the latter.

The search continues.

It is a pretty dress though... the cowl neck and button detail are really unique and that swishy/bunchy skirt is so fun. The skirt is causing me to subconsciously wiggle my bottom according to one of my friends who was behind my on the stairs. Is that even a good thing though?

Dress: Warehouse
Boots/Tights: Penneys
Watch: Gift from my Dad (used to be his)


  1. I cant believe that dress isnt All Saints x

  2. I second that comment Blau! Love this outfit on you Rhona.