Friday, February 18, 2011

Become a Bird of Paradise...

I don't wear a lot of bright colour. I do love colour but usually on other people and in my work and on myself from time to time but it really does depend on the article of clothing.

But I do love brightly colourful shoes! Oh how I do! So colourful are my shoes at times I have no idea what to wear them with.

Anyway, here are some screen shots from a "Kurt Geiger- making the video" thingy. It's their new SS collection 2011. Aren't the shoes divine? The answer is yes! My particular favourite are the first pair. Those massive multicoloured wedges. Oooh I want them. So badly...

Went to go find them on the Kurt Geiger website to see how much damage they would do to my wallet but they weren't to be found anywhere. Twas a tad annoying but I am hoping they arrive soon so I can drool some more.

Go on Kurt, make it right and send me a pair. Size 5, cheers!


  1. Those red, orange and pink wedges are seriously drool-worthy. Must check them out when they come in store.

  2. I have tiny tiny fee and Kurt Geiger are the perfect fit for me..picked up a pair of nude MaryJanes on Tues cant wait to play with them x