Monday, February 21, 2011

A few new things...

No Graphic Monday this week since it is my RAG week. I am not thinking about work this week (apart from my thesis... grrrr). So how about an outfit post instead? Huh? Yeah. Knew you'd be fine with that.

Most of this outfit is new actually. Only the jumper is old (and quite old, got that before coming to college). The trousers and loafers were bought out of my birthday money as well a gorgeous tan bag, those palazzo pants, beautiful wedges and an ever so pretty blue blouse (will be wearing that out Wednesday night so I'll do an outfit post). I think I have spent my money well and I am confident they will get worn a lot. Sure this is my third time to wear these trousers in just over a week.

The pants are to help me move away from jeggings. I am so very tired of them and these trousers are the same as jeggings without all that stretchy nonsense, they are fitted. I am looking forward to dressing these babies up!

The loafers are brand new, just bought today. So comfy with a good, sturdy sole (nothing annoys me more than a flimsy sole). I also love the colour, not quite blue but not quite grey. I have been needing to buy new flats, most of my old ones are now too tired and worn out to be taken seriously. Also bought a dotey nude ones with faceted baubles on the toe. Pretty!

I may just shop too much...

Jumper: Warehouse
Trousers: Oasis
Loafers: Penneys
Necklace/Watch: Gift