Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Jill...

I came across this collection on Fashion Gone Rogue today. It is Jill Stuart's SS11 collection and I have to say it's pretty fab. I will admit that until today I had never heard of Jill Stuart but I will keep an eye out for her in the future. I'm liking her taste...

This whole collection just seems girly with a dash of masculine structure. Muted shades against a strong blue-ish black add to the sophistication of the pieces and floaty fabrics are contrasted with suede ankle boots. It is a pretty collection. It is a striking collection. My favourites have to be the first two. Something very sexy about that fitted suit and who wouldn't want that dress?! But then again I am a sucker for accordian pleats.

Also am loving the model's eye make up. Love that glossy bronze!


  1. Middle row, right side - absolutely amazing! I want!

  2. That white dress, tasty!

  3. That sheer prom dress in the third picture - yummers...