Saturday, March 5, 2011

Procastination + Shopping...

In the middle of writing another thesis proposal (she didn't like the last one) and this time it's the big important one (eeek!). So in the midst of researching, reading, writing and all that jazz I've been eagerly spending the last of my birthday money.

I bought two pretty amazing things, a gingham halter top and a flowery dress. Both from Vivien of Holloway, both utterly gorgeous, both screaming vintage and both on sale! The last thing I bought was a dress for my birthday which cost €114 (still have no photos of me in it yet!) so the fact that I got all this for €83 makes me feel good! 

I even know where I am going to wear that dress first. I've a 21st dinner to go to in April and I plan on wearing it with some summery/strappy/black wedges and a matt black belt (but I must also purchase a white one because it looks so darling with it!) 

Hoping I'm gonna look super cute!


  1. that dress in gorgeous! never been to that shop but definitely making a trip there:D

  2. The yellow one is gorgeous, love dresses that highlight the waist like that!