Saturday, April 2, 2011

A new pet...

I think I may have received to cutest ring ever yesterday! I love him. He is so dotey with his turquoise belly on him. I have been staring at him for a few months now and I knew I just had to make him mine. I bought him from Lulu's Vintage Closet for about €15 (including postage and packaging).

He used to a brooch but I'm guessing the back broke off so he was made into a ring...

Now the big question is what do I him? I am so stuck... Any suggestions? I am half thinking of naming him after my favourite author, Truman Capote, mainly because it's a fabulous name.


  1. Oh my god, I love it!!! Truman the Elephant... it has a good ring to it.. ;-) (excuse that awful pun..)

  2. oh thats a beaut x

  3. I loooove it!

  4. hand down the cutest ring Ive ever seen!x