Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whip it...

I finally got to watch Whip It on Sunday. Oh I loved it! Not only does it have Drew Barrymore (my favourite actress) but it also stars young Ellen Page. I love Ellen because she (or her characters) remind me of one of my best friends. The movie is a seriously good watch and now I really wanna be in a roller derby!

What I wanted to talk about are the clothes in this movie. Most people never realise that I love old rock band tees! I seriously do! I don't know whether I have an alter ego or am I that eclectic/insane to like tea dresses and band tees. When I watched the movie I was getting flashbacks of myself in faded jeans and long chain earrings, in cheese-cloth vests, smelly doodled cons and in my DIY "The Who" tee. Could I be a closet "alternative" em... person?

Anyway these band tees are something I love, this whole look is something I love! It can be done in such an understated way that it isn't too in your face. Who ever styled this movie and some great taste in tops! I even loved some of the mens tops, especially the numbered one shown above.

And those roller skates and gym shorts! I want...

Also is it wrong to be such a "playa" when it comes to styles? Should I just pick one? Most people say I'm girly and that head banging doesn't suit me, but what if I enjoy that kind of music (well some of it- thanks to the boyfriend) but also love petticoats? Do I have to choose?

I should find a happy medium.


  1. oh no....I had to stop that movie halfway through and grab a beer...it was far to girl power for me

  2. I LOVED IT! not for the girl power but for just the freedom...