Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cool trousers for a warm day...

I got pants! Very happy about this. Got two pairs actually, these and a slightly fancier black pair for a grand total of €23! Two pairs for that price? I'm well pleased with myself. I have a feeling I am gonna be living in this pair, unnaturally comfortable. I've been getting great use out of that pink belt, I am constantly wearing it. It does help that my favourite hand bag is the same colour. Matchy matchy!

Love these shoes too but I find them hard to pair with things, maybe I'm just not being daring enough. Good for this colour block trend as well. Love when something you already own is bang on trend.

I feel I match my mother's lawn furniture very well, with my blue and pink. Oh and apologies for the funny face!

Top: Warehouse
Belt: Next
Trousers: Penneys
Heels: Grahams


  1. OH MY GOD those heels!!!! Love that outfit! You look fab!!
    Lady Peach

  2. THOSE SHOES! Oh my god!
    I love them..!!

  3. wow this outfit is really beautiful! love the first photo, looks really professional especialy with the matching furniture