Monday, April 25, 2011

Burnt polka dots...

The weather has suddenly become bleak again... oh well back to work so. Even though the weather has changed I decided not to hide my legs, I live in hope. This outfit was kinda thrown together with not much thought process put into it (which is very unlike me). I wanted to be comfortable but not terribly lazy looking... I suppose that could be called a thought process.

I'd say low-top converse would be much cooler with this outfit but I haven't bought any yet. I want either an orange pair or a green pair... or a blue pair. This cardigan I rarely wore until recently. I used to have it open all the time and it just looked wrong. Then one day I was freezing so I buttoned up and it worked so much better. So now I use it as a crop top.

The real wonder of this outfit is this beautiful burnt orange hairband which I bought from Bonzie at Style @ Set over the weekend (full post on that soon). I absolutely love it! My second day in a row to wear it. I love hairbands but I find some of them can be terribly awkward to wear. This is the exact opposite, not only is it divine but it is so comfy on my head, I barely notice it.

Cardigan: Warehouse
Skirt: Awear (used to be a dress)
Converse: Gift
Hairband: Bonzie

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