Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is gonna be a bigg'n... Style @ Set

So I was at Style @ Set over the weekend, all ran of course by the superb Blanaid Hennessy. Second year running and I was not disappointed! Brought my cousins to the Film Friday and it was unanimous that the films were great, The Annie Leibovitz one being everyone's particular favourite. Saturday I hit the stands with my two best friends. The whole thing was way bigger than last year and we had a lot to feast our eyes on!

We tried on dresses, hats and shoes, threatened each other with eye brow threading, stroked the furs, ate delicious food, had plenty of chats, drooled (a lot), watched a very interesting style panel with Brendan Courtney and spent all of our money!

Saturday night was filled with free vodka, making horrendous faces for the camera, getting insulted by artists drawing our delightful faces, busting a move to Salt 'n' Pepa, trying to think of the most awkward things to draw and eating chocolate (I was off it for Lent.)

Blanaid Hennessy you truly out did yourself! Fair play... Roll on year 3!

Dandelion Daydreamer
Smoking Lily

The Butterslip

Elsa & Gogo

Metropole Vintage

Alice Halliday


Rebekah Patterson

Vintage Bride


Pearl & Godiva

I may have taken too many photos.

The rest will be up on the Rose Tinted Uncertainty facebook page...


  1. Looks like I was deadly, ragin I wasn't there! Glad u had a good time :) x

  2. Oh it all looks lovely! I would have loved to have been there.

  3. owwwww this post is amazing!!! i love them all :)

  4. Photo's look fabbie. :-) xx Amity Cork. coming soon!!

  5. Great photos Rhona - I loved that Pearl and Godiva stall!

  6. Hi, everything looks amazing, raging I missed it, can I ask where the stall in the 2nd photo, with all the vintage bags, is from? They're all gorgeous!


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  8. They are from Dandelion Daydreamer :)