Thursday, May 19, 2011

I! am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu!



SewSmashing: Etsy


I've been noticing this oriental vibe that seems to be doing the rounds. I like it, obviously in small doses. A trend like this can go horribly wrong in my opinion. I think it is all about subtleties, a hair clip behind your ear, a lipstick on a toned down face, a kimono jacket over skinnies. I don't think the all over geisha look is something we should strive for, at least I'm not going to. It is another trend that is having a revival but this time around it's much more relaxed, the kimono jacket being something that has interested many. It's loose, swishy and chilled... Perfect for the long summer nights that I'm hoping will return.

I am trying to conjure an outfit from my existing wardrobe (money is tight unfortunately) and I think I would keep it in the accessories. I've wedged oriental patterned shoes in a gorgeous turquoise and a white orchid comb. I think they'll work well for this trend. 

If unlike me you are not strapped for cash (lucky thing) here is what I would be spending my money on if you're into this trend. My favourite would have to be the dress from Topshop. Utterly divine! Also the people who made that origami stick have loads of beautiful things along the same lines on clips as well. So pretty in my opinion.

The lipstick names in order are: Lady Danger, Cyber (I actually do have this one) and Neon Orange. All from MAC.

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