Monday, June 13, 2011

Ring them animal crackers...

If like me you like your rings (especially when they are something a little special) then I think you might like this site that I just love. Now they do sell loads of jewllery but I am just focusing in their rings (they have loads of loverly things if you want something a little bit out there). Also they do other rings that do not include animals, these just happen to be my favourite ones (the bunny in particular.)

The website is called Galibardy, I came across them one day while stumbling. I thought their rings were very unique and striking (I love jewllery that isn't typical.) I was surprised at the prices, usually stuff like this is ridiculously over priced for some bazaar reason, but not these with most rings under $30. Well impressed!

I always feel that a ring can change an outfit, not fully sure why I have this belief. I think they can really boost an outfit. Maybe it is just me but rings set people apart, they can tell something about the person and show different sides to that persons personalities.

Don't laugh at me, just go have a look! :)


  1. AW that last ring is ADORABLE! I'm definitely visiting them to see if they have a lion ring! :D
    It's just hard for me to buy rings online because I'm very particular about the fit and comfort, but you never know! :)
    - Laura

  2. well all these rings are adjustable if that helps... I am a big fingered girl so it suits me :)

  3. Love the deer one, great find.

  4. AnonymousJune 14, 2011

    ah love these!

  5. Love these, especially the first <3


  6. Hmmm I just might have a new addiction! They are gorgeous...Thanks for the tip