Thursday, June 9, 2011

Got that feeling...

My cousin is turning 23 (I know, such a momentus event sniff sniff) and she is hosting this bbq/booze fest in her home which is in the back arse of Mayo. I am very close to my cousin (more like my buddy really) yet I have never been to one of her birthdays. Shocking I know, so I am heading off to this one and I cannot wait! So you know what the means... WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR?!?!

I was so confused about this dilemma until yesterday evening when I threw a cropped cardigan over this maxi skirt I was wearing after work (I got food on my shirt while cooking-such a mess I am). My boyfriend later turned to me and told that he thought my outfit looked really nice on me, he suggested that I should wear it out sometime and the he suggested why not on Saturday. I am most certainly rubbing off on that boy, he's beginning to know his shizzle when it comes to clothes.

The outfit is perfect, it is comfy, warm and a wee bit sexy. Since the outfit is all black and fitted I thought that shabby jewellery, messy hair, and some smokey eyes would balance it out and give me a slight boho vibe. I would love to wear my tan t-bar platforms but it is out in the country with cows and grass and the likes... heels would not be appropriate. So gladiator flats will do just fine.

That should do... Wouldn't ya think?

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  1. You looked gorgeous at my party!!! Loved the outfit! Wish I could get away with it! SO glad u and cormie could come down for it, I hope ye had a good time! xxxxx