Tuesday, August 30, 2011

boots boots...

I would say it's getting to that time of year again where we start lusting after our winter wardrobe but as we all know I've been feeling the autumnal vibe for some time now. Never the less it isn't stopping me from using autumn as an excuse to drool over these shoes. Sure they'll keep my feet warm and they'll keep me out of the puddles.

They are totally practically...

And divine! I wanna wear them with baggy jumpers and leggings, with chunky socks and maxi skirts, with opaque tights and fitted mini dresses. I just wanna wear them! And since they are worth a pretty penny over in Office it will be (unfortunately) awhile before I shall be wearing them... But I am determined to save up and purchase and then swoon as I look at them on my feet.

But which colour? Leaning towards brown myself.

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