Monday, August 29, 2011

smooth dizziness...

I said I wanted a massive wooly jumper and I succeeded in getting one. I love it! It is indeed massive on me and I worry at times that I look too shapeless in it. But isn't that the point... Bagginess that hides all lumps and bumps for that comfy/lazy/hip look. It is also nice and warm, not too warm that I can't wear it in August but warm enough that a vest underneath in winter will keep me nice and toasty. Plus aren't the little stitched on pearls so cute! I didn't want an overly fussy jumper but I didn't want a plain one either, a perfect balance.

I also become slightly obsessed with giant rings (as you may have noticed). Have bought two alone in the past week! Am really creating quite a collection. I really think they add an edge to any outfit, even the most basic/average one. So I think they are gonna become something of a staple for me, especially in college. If I can't look awesome at least my fingers will!

Jumper/Two large rings: Shutterbug
Tights: Dunnes
Boots/Shorts: Penneys


  1. looking fierce ! gorgeous jumper <3

  2. Giant rings are the shiz!
    You look so pretty :)

  3. The jumper looks perfect on you!

  4. i love the jumper. i've been flicking through your blog for the last 30 minutes and i love it. i am now following, i hope you can follow back.

  5. Both you and yur fingers do and will look awesome. These photos are badass I love them.