Thursday, August 25, 2011

blogger brunch...

Yesterday I went to a Blogger Brunch at The Cliff Townhouse on Stephen’s Green. It was hosted by the lovely Rosemary Mac Cabe. The brunch was to get bloggers together to chat, have fun, eat sweets and learn about the Dublin Fashion Festival.

The festival kicks off on the 8th of September (which is a Thursday) and runs through the weekend. There will be loads of things to see and do such as catwalk shows, exhibitions, master classes (such as how to walk in high heels and how to get style on a shoestring budget), workshops and so much more. Really a great weekend of stuff and I suggest that you all do at least one thing...

To learn more about the Dublin Fashion Festival just check out their website here.

Sorry for the lack of photos I was too busy talking to people (bad blogger) but here is a snap of the amazing chandelier that was in the room.


  1. Oh swear im moving to Dublin asap ! All intresting events are always in Dublin :<

    I got my shirt in a vintage store, but you can find a similar one in penneys :))