Monday, August 22, 2011


Now that I have my brogues and this satchel (thanks mum!) I feel my winter college look is nearing completion. And despite the fact that I love prim and proper looks for the most part, it isn't always appropriate for college. Getting up late, rushing around with bags (and in my case portfolios and massive sketch books), staying up late to work, not trusting the heating systems in your flat/college, well this all leads me away from being a bit of a Joan Holloway to be perfectly honest. Maybe when I'm older.

So what will work? What will still look well on but not require a hour getting ready? What will be warm? And comfy? Chunky knits of course! Cardigans or jumpers I'm not picky...

I'm off to Dublin on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to rummaging through the vintage shops to find me a few bargains. In my opinion it is probably the best place to shop for items like that, there seems to be truck loads of chunky stuff lately! Hopefully I will find some... Maybe with some quirky prints on them!

Just maybe...


  1. Have been on the search for another version of that grey Stine Goya sweater at the top of your collage for aaages. Chunky sweaters are the only way.

  2. Loved all the photos. amazing design*

    Kiss from Portugal

  3. feel so cosy just reading this x