Friday, August 19, 2011

a night at shutterbug...

Took a little trip down to Kilkenny last night to visit the newly revamped shop that is Shutterbug. Since the shop opening little over a year ago when it simply dealt with photography and styling it has gone from strength to strength. Christmas time last year it opened it's doors as a vintage shop as well and has become what I can only describe as a cult favourite! 

They do have an online shop but if you ever get a chance to visit the shop I strongly suggest that you do... It has such a relaxed vibe to it, you feel like you can simply try on the clothes (for hours) if you wish and waltz around the shop dressed to the nines! I have a cunning feeling that the owner (Blanaid Hennessey) will dress up with you and pose exquisitely beside you...

Their stock is not only vintage, but quirky, rebellious and at times extravagant... I felt like I was wandering through the wardrobes of adolescent outcasts that created their own world of sequins, silk and faded denim. I can imagine them holding their own heart wrenching plays in the back room and then going out on the town in their costumes to blind and dazzle the locals while sipping on expensive champagne and vodka. 

Truly the wild ones of Kilkenny.


  1. What a lovely shop, I thought from the photos that it was some kind of cute little vintage fair.. looks great!

  2. Rhona - thank you so much for such a beautiful post and for paying us a visit! :)

    Blanaid in Shutterbug

  3. love this shop! its just so pretty!