Monday, August 15, 2011

school shoes...

I am wondering if anyone else does this... My favourite part of going back to school as a little girl, and then as an older girl, was getting my brand new school shoes. It was so exciting! (You can tell my love for shoes started from a young age.) Anyway, mine would always be patent, I just adored the shiny look of them. Today is no exception... Because even though I am heading into my final year at college I have bought myself a pair of patent school shoes.

I can see myself living in the babies. I always find brogues so comfortable and are great for the cold days when you are simply sick of boots. I am so excited about receiving them that I am already styling them with the rest of my wardrobe. The outfits will be similar to the three below...

This one I love the most... I already have a massive cardigan that was knitted by my mum (thanks mum!) Just need a couple more tea dresses... Surprisingly I have very few!

This outfit I think would be great for days that are finished off in the local pub or cafe. I simply love those burgundy trousers... Must. get. them.

This one will probably be my most common day to day outfit. I am loving buttoned up cardigans for tops at the moment.

Will any of you be buying "back to school" shoes? Or anything else for that matter... Also how would you wear brogues? Am dying to know...


  1. Back to school shoes for me bring back bad memories..
    My mam used to buy me such bad ones, and always ones that sqeaked and I used to be walking along in school, all paranoid about people hearing the duck noises from my shoes hahah!
    They are VERY pretty though, if only my school shoes looked like these!

  2. Love the shoes! And yes, back to school does mean new shoes! I'll prob try and replace the boots I wore to death last year..and maybe a new pair of Cons...
    The orange cardigan at the top from Topshop is great too

  3. Can i make a confession. I LOVED going back to school, the new pencil case, the new school bag, the new uniform (Yes! Honestly! It was Dark blue with a gold and blue tie, lovely!)BUT the new shoes... Wwe always used to get them the saturday before we wentback to school and I used to wear them all weekend aroundthe house, even when I was still in my PJ's having my brekkie!
    Love the brogues, and those burgundy Oasis trousers need to be in my A/W wardrobe too! Xx