Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The skirt that blood, sweat and tears built...

I made this skirt with my mother over a couple of days... It was all going smoothly until we needed to do the waistband, for some reason I could not spin it up on the sewing machine correctly. We must have done it about three times until we gave up and I let my mum do it. Then we had to put the zip in. We couldn't find the zip we bought, anywhere! So the next day we bought another zip. So after the zip was in and we hemmed it up and ironed it smooth and all that I went (gleefully) to try it on. Twas about three inches too big! Which confused us because we measured it correctly and I don't remember losing three inches off my waist in the past two weeks (if I have, yay!) I was not qualified to take the skirt correctly, regular sewing I was grand at but neither my mum or I trusted me to correct the mistake without ruining the skirt. So mum went back at the sewing machine, ripping out my good (in my opinion) sewing and re sewed it... After that I tried it on again. It was now too tight. I was thinking sure maybe I could live with it but mum took it off me again, ripped out the zip and then sewed it back on with a centimeter extra. 

Put it on...


Top/Heels: Penneys
Skirt: Homemade (material: Threads of Green)
Rings: Gifts


  1. It's beautiful and it looks great on you! Been thinking of doing something similar on my sewing machine but since I don't have a helpful Mom at hand I think I'll stick to cushion covers. Was the circle skirt hard to sew (measurement and zip problems aside)?

  2. not really we just made panels and ran them through the sewing machine, waist band was tricky.

  3. Gorgeous, you look stunning. Love the fabric and those shoes are amaaaaze can't believe they're Penneys! Eep!