Saturday, September 10, 2011


Back in college a week now and I am trying hard to keep posting. The blog is my baby after all, a fat, hungry baby that needs to be fed. I took these photos during the week but only getting round to posting them now. If I can keep to at least one outfit post a week (along with all the other posts of course) I will be pleased. Here I am trying to make what is clearly a summer dress more "September appropriate" with black accessories. I think it works alright. I felt good walking around in it and that's good enough for me.

Fourth year is proving difficult and I wanna get stuck in early to keep my head above water (no pun intended seeing as I am wearing an anchor dress). Do not worry though (I know you are) I will still be around, posting and rambling like always.

Dress/ Shoes: Penneys
Belt: River Island
Tights: Dunnes


  1. I think it works, especially as colours are still pretty big for A/W this year!

  2. gorgeous dress, you look stunning <3

  3. You look gorgeous, u changed up the dress lovely..
    Hope you're coping at college!