Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a whimsical wilderness...

Started back to college today and am currently getting stuck into my work... Sigh. No fear though, while I am getting on top of being back to college you can have a good auld read of this guest post by Sinead Kelly of the terribly cute Little Miss Pinki.

I sat in my room and pondered, perched on my bed I trawled through magazines, wondering what exactly I would write for this post. It had to be appropriate for Rose Tinted Uncertainy, I wanted to portray what Rhona portrays in each of her posts – glamour, vintage, classic hem lines and a love for all that is retro, I hoped it would reflect her style and taste in fashion.

Low and behold, I found it!

For those of you who don’t know me, know now that I have quite a weakness for high end ad campaigns. With the new batch coming to life on the pages of the September Issues, the excitement is thrilling.

Let me present to you the Mulberry campaign for Autumn/Winter 2011. A dazzling yet whimsical array of glamour and vintage-inspired look, classic cuts from the 1920s made contemporary for the noughties woman. Lots of layering, winter scarfs and a multitude of textures it’s perfect for the season ahead. The models scream demure screen sirens, yet they are distinctly more laid back. Naturalness oozes from each shot with autumnal shades, warm hues, luxe hair and barely there make-up and of course, the BAGS! (Deary me, they are a tale for another day!) The background with all of its oversized creatures in a cosy sitting room is genius, the use of colour is beyond complimentary in each shot.

It is truly breathtaking. I love!




  1. Absolutely beautiful campaign!
    It's so dreamy and it portrays everything Mulberry!

  2. Gasping after the Mulberry Polly bag, so I am. And the campaign is shot by Tim Walker, no-one does it quite like him!