Saturday, September 24, 2011


See! So happy I'm even smiling

Well you'll never guess what happened this week... I've only just gone and won a SILVER FACTORY tshirt!!! Can you smell the excitement? I think so. I could be possibly too excited, is it possible to be too excited?

Anyway, I entered a competition awhile back on a brilliant blog known as the Licentiate and by random, marvelous luck this beautiful skull tshirt suddenly belonged to me. Sarah from the Licentiate confessed she was a little more than tempted to say it got lost in the post. I am so happy she did not.

Cheers for not keeping it to yourself though I can honestly understand why you would.

The great thing about this top (apart from the amazing print) is the sheer size of it. It's HUGE! Now I know you could get smaller ones but why would you. This tshirt demands excess. It demands to be draped over you not stuck to you. It demands to billow in the wind along with your curls (which happened to me already today). It demands to hang elegantly off your shoulders like the work of art that it is.

Plus it's dead comfy when it's big and baggy.

Thank you to the Licentiate for holding the competition, thank you Shutterbug for stocking such beautiful tshirts and thank you Silver Factory for creating them.

Top: Silver Factory (via Shutterbug)
Treggings: Dorothy Perkins
Converse: Littlewoods
Turqouise ring: Shutterbug


  1. its a gorgeous top, congrats girl!! :) xx

  2. Great Tee! Just in time for Halloween too


  3. Looooove the Silver Factory t-shirts but I'm scared to get one cause I'll know I'll end up buying the whole collection! Heart the limited edition pink skull one, it's too delish x