Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm not actually in need of a new coat. I have loads, possibly too many. But it has gotten seriously cold all of a sudden. And not that "jaysus it's a bit nippy" cold, I mean the "hair raising, body shivering while you are sitting inside" cold. So forgive me for daydreaming of something a tad thicker than my trusty March-September jacket (honestly I barely wear another jacket). I think I'll be changing over tomorrow once I get back home from college. 

Til then, I will lust after this gorgeous wool mac from Asos. Drool with me if you will.


  1. It is getting chilly! Time to wrap up in scarves and mittens, best time of the year!
    And that's a lovely coat.

  2. That coat is deliciously lovely!!
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