Monday, November 21, 2011

graphic monday...

How darling is this poster... How awesome is this poster! It was designed by Boris Pelcer for "The Roaring Twenties" themed 20th Annual Montessori de Terra Linda Auction, established with the intent of raising crucial funds for M.d.T.L. independent school in San Rafael in California. 

I just love everything about it... The colour scheme is striking with that punch of red but still understated. The illustration is simply a work of art, even in the close up. And normally I wouldn't choose a hugely stylized font like that Art Deco one because I feel it just has to be used appropriately. But thankfully he didn't over used it and paired it with that really quirky typeface. And, of course, it has a vintage feel while still staying modern.

Overall I love it! Hope you do to...

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