Saturday, November 26, 2011


I sometimes find Saturday difficult to dress for. Technically it is no different to any other day since I am in college. All that changes is that I do my college work from home (ugh business plan). So why do I feel the need to make a differentiation from this day to all the rest? Am I that desperate for a weekend? I often try to think of really casual outfits to prove that this is indeed my day off. But then I just feel lazy, so I put on heels. I think until I actually have a full time job I will suffer with this conundrum.

On a different matter, I threw on this jacket and scarf to take these photos. But I think when I head out later I will have to wear a much heavier coat. As gorgeous as this jacket is, it ain't keeping me as warm as I'd like.

Jacket: Vintage
Scarf: Prague (Jewish Quarter)
Blouse/Jeans: New Look
Loafers: Office
Anchor Brooch: Shutterbug

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