Tuesday, November 8, 2011

simply dotty...

Ever since I saw this picture on the Topshop facebook page I have been obsessed with polka dots. I mean come on, they are sooo cute! There is something so feminine and youthful about them, even in the darker colours.  For me, it's the pattern of the innocent, of the daring, of the weird and wonderful, of the outcasts and the cutey-pies. Such an iconic pattern indeed... Just think of Gwen Stefani in the Don't Speak video, how beautiful was she in that? Or the Licntenstein Woman, also a spotty stunner. Or even Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, true dotty elegance. You know, I could on...

I want all these items... If I had the money my wardrobe would be polka dot crazy (it would also be tartan crazy but that is not the point.) What I love about this pattern is that it fits so well into anyones style, that it works on a pair of shoes, on a dress, on a purse and that it looks great in any colour. Truly one of the most adaptable patterns...

Whether it be big spots or teeny dots, there is a polka for every girl.


  1. Gwen Stefani in Don't Speak... My life! <3

  2. I love polka dots too! They're a classic :)

  3. polka dots are great for instant quirkiness to any outfit xD i have such hair envy for that model... !



  4. I really like the spotty skirt there are trousers in the same fabric they are so nice.x