Friday, November 11, 2011

silver factory...

So Wednesday night was the launch of the Silver Factory's new autumn/winter collection... I was delighted to have been invited but was devastated that college had to come first (boo fourth year!) Anyway... since the collection was launched I thought I'd have a little mosey on over to the website to see how the brand spanking new collection looked. And, of course, it was all gorgeous (no surprise there). The tshirts he creates are just so... well, perfect (for want of a better word). They work brilliantly on both genders, the designs are works of art, they aren't too expensive (discount on their facebook page) that you fear ripping them to make them work for you, and they are monochrome! (Who doesn't love monochrome?!) What more could ask for?

But I think the best thing about them is their practicality, a horrible word I agree. But think about it, anyone of these tshirts would make any humdrum skinnys suddenly hip. Living in the busy world that is  college life (with projects and thesis and all that other shtuff!) these tshirts are simply a god send to the fashion conscious student that has slept in... yet again!

My favourite? Well it would have to be the The End one, oh how I want it!

Young master Cavaliere you've done it again, here's hoping that many more seasons will follow...


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  2. Nothing worse than being invited to stuff and not being able to attend :(


  3. so excited, I'm going to get one of them next weekend at Shutterbug, they're getting this new collection in!
    (sorry I don't know why my comment was removed before, I cam back to have another look at these tees and they were gone :L)