Sunday, November 13, 2011

luck be a lady...

I've been feeling all lady like the past few days, haven't been dressing like a lady but most certainly wishing I could purchase a few dainty dresses, or like the whole plus size collection in Modcloth. I was so delighted to see that Modcloth are now doing my size. I am always drooling over their vintage style designs and now I am one step closer to owning something from this beautiful shop. Their dresses are just so amazing, girly and quirky. There is something so different about them, feminine yet eye-catching. Safe to say that I want them all! Just gotta start saving those pennies....

The only problem is these dresses don't really suit college life. One does not have the time to get dolled up to nines when you are rushing into a nine o'clock. Life would be so much simpler if I had the time to be a lady. Am looking forward to being able to dress all pretty and proper everyday of the week when I'm out in the big bad world. No suits for me! No sir!


  1. the top tier of those dresses could totally work as college wear, no? avec nice cardi, thick tights and jacket with fur stole? cute but not too much? or am i way off....... xxxx

  2. I totally would now that you think of it, sometimes I get stuck in a rut and feel that I can't wear certain stuff to certain places. But you are totally right!

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