Thursday, November 17, 2011


Gary getting in on the action...

It has taken me since Tuesday to upload these pictures! How wrong is that?! Anyway when I did wear this outfit I was feeling quite preppy. All I was missing was a mocha (which I had later), a pile of books and a blazer. The stripes, the teeny collar, the tasseled heels. It's all so very Harvard! 

If only I was remotely intelligent... If only... 

But I can make a pretty picture.

Moving along, look how colourful my outfit is? Red, navy, yellowy-green, taupe? I'm like frickin' rainbow! Who'd have thought I wouldn't wear black at all! I don't remember the last time that happened. Really don't think it'll last, winter months really bring out the darker shades in me. Colour is for the days of warmth and sunshine. In my books anyway.

Cardigan: Penneys
Top: Dunnes
Jeans/Heels: New Look
Ring: Lulu's Vintage Closet (Etsy)

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  1. Nice! Stripes and peter pan are the perfect combo. And I need tassely shoes now..