Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Might have gotten carried away...

THIS is my new cape... Can you tell I love it?! My ever witty father keeps calling my Sherlock, but as long as I get a bubble pipe out of it I don't care. I love everything about it: the buckles, the sheepskin and the fact it also works as a blanket. But to be honest I am most grateful that I now have a coat that actually has a hood. Especially since the heavens decided to open up when I was on my way home. The rain seems to have a habit of showing up doesn't it.

So grateful I was indeed...

For the rest of the outfit I apparently went for a school girl look, which I didn't notice until I put the outfit together. And I am totally okay with this, seeing as it is a damn sight nicer that my old school uniform.

Cape: Dorothy Perkins
Shirt/Tights: Penneys
Skirt: Awear
Heels: New Look
Brooch: Gift

How are you all keeping warm this winter?


  1. LOVE capes! That's such a cute outfit. Men aren't supposed to understand capes, right? I'd really like one, I'm a bit worried about a draft around my arms though. Anticipating another Big Freeze ;)

  2. OOOOHHHH I love!!! you look fab, very gossip girl! and the backdrop for your images is brilliant! love urban settings!