Thursday, December 8, 2011

night out...

Of course we all know that it's that time of year again. When despite the epic coldness we head out in our finest to drink and be merry... Where mistletoe and baubles will be hung, where everything will sparkle and where mulled wine, champagne and martinis will be drank til the wee hours of the morning. But the best thing about Christmas parties is that you have the excuse to dress up. Going all out and being glamourous! The Christmas party is a very important occasion where no length is too long and no shoe is too sparkly.

Since anything goes why not try a full length gown? I know I would. I was always a slightly extravagant girl. Being dressed up was and still is so important to me. Thankfully maxi dresses and such are becoming less and less formal. They are no longer meant to be kept for that rare black tie event. Styled the right way I really think these maxi dresses could be amazing (well there amazing anyway).

Would love to be daring enough to wear a maxi dress this party season, hopefully I will.

God I love being the bell of the ball...

How do you feel about maxi dresses for this party season?


  1. Modcloth never fail to dissapoint do they.. ;)


  2. I'm thinking of a long one for Christmas as well.. PARTICULARLY that Oasis one.. WOW