Sunday, December 18, 2011

wrapped up...

So today was the first of TWO Christmas dinners! Oh yes my friends, I said two... So I felt I needed to dress up an teeny bit. Nothing too fancy but nothing too casual either. I felt a pencil skirt with laced up heels would do nicely. I always think that pencil skirts are the perfect skirt when you wanna be sort of fancy. Too posh for a regular day but not exactly out-on-the-town kind of clothing (unless styled appropriately). This skirt was given to me by my sister because it was too big on her, I ain't gonna complain: tis a free skirt after all.

The little origami wrap over thingy on the front is lovely and also hides so many lumpy bits, which I adore! Not to mention the colour, I wouldn't normally choose this colour but it really is nice: nude without being nude. And finally the length, love when my skirts come to my knee (even more when it comes below.) I just think it's more flattering for my shape. Overall not bad for a skirt I got for free...

So now I am full of food, slightly sleepy (due to my cold, grrr) and getting ready to cosy up for the night. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...

Top: H&M
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Penneys


  1. That skirt is devine & I love it with the stripes & those super cute shoes! xo

  2. You're so cute in that third photo!