Saturday, February 25, 2012


Believe it or believe it not I am using instagram for my latest project in college. The photos that I need to take have to have a seventies/faded/blurred look and nothing seems to do that quite as good (and quite as easy) as the auld instagram app! Delighted so I am...

So I have been snapping left, right and center the past week getting the right shots for the project. And I just thought I'd show some of them to you. The project is based around the Edies of Grey Gardens, describing how they became the way they are and why. I could go into more detail but I'm sure that would bore you...

Anyway, enjoy!


  1. Some of those photos look really professional, can't believe that they're taken with instagram !

  2. beautiful shots really love the feel to them x

  3. I love the Edies from Grey Gardens, they're such an interesting topic for a college project!