Saturday, March 31, 2012

jay miranda...

I know I don't normally talk about being big and curvy and all that but sometimes my weight does get me down. I don't feel as sexy or as fashionable as some slimmer people I know. And I do think a lot of curvy women think this. But then I see someone like Jay Miranda, an American fashion blogger that has one serious booty, a fantastic wardrobe and the confidence to match. She rocks looks that I would never dream of attempting purely from fear of being too big for certain styles.

For me it just goes to show that whether you're a size 8 or a size 28 you can still looking amazing as long as you wear it with confidence! Fashion is not our enemy, weight is not our enemy, it's ourselves that's the enemy. My goal this year is to be healthy and get fit. If this means I lose some extra pounds that's great! If I don't, I know I can still feel healthy and be confident in my own skin.

For more Jay Miranda look here.


  1. Both you and she look amazing! x

  2. I wanted to thank you for this post Rhona!
    It made me cry, in a good way though.
    I'm really happy that people dont label others anymore, or at least not as often as they used to.
    I'm size 12 and after reading this post I'm proud of it !

  3. Saibh: Thank you I'm blushing! And she does look amazing

    Margaret: You should be proud! I always think you look fab!

  4. She always looks so confident and amazing - love her so much