Monday, April 2, 2012

white flowers...

It seems the weather is going back to it's old ways. Grrr... I was getting used to not wearing tights. Oh well! At least I am wearing a spring dress plus it is made of wool so I ain't all that cold and I feel very pretty. I also get to look at this beautiful blossom tree in my front garden. So white that it actually glows at night. Though those damn petals go everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE!

I haven't shown you these shoes yet. They were my birthday present from my parents and they are adorable! Who can't adore love heart loafers!? And they were on sale... even better.

Dress: Oasis
Belt: Dunnes
Tights: Penneys
Locket: Gift
Loafers: Red or Dead


  1. Pretty! And those loafers are too cute! The weather is totally horrible again today :(

  2. those shoes are aaaadorable x

  3. I love this post and you look gorgeous!
    Whisty Xx