Wednesday, April 4, 2012

easy comfort...

I ache today... Being "fit" all of a sudden is hurting me. Damn those runs! So being comfortable was essential to me today. At least I figured that out after being in a fitted enough dress and high heels.* I needed to change. I craved trousers! Unfortunately mine are all in the wash (all two of them) and these pair are on their last legs! No pun intended... 

I need to stop buying shoes and buy some serious clothes. By serious I mean stuff I actually need. Like more trousers, especially if this weather continues. I can't stand wearing tights anymore (the sheer effort of putting them on in the morning is heartbreaking) but bare legs is an obvious no no, so trousers are indeed needed. Plus they look more casual and I really don't own enough "nice" casual things. 

I am currently rectifying the matter...

*I am aware I am still wearing heels but what you need to understand is that these heels are like wearing flats... so so comfortable!

Sheer shirt: H&M
Trousers: Oasis
Loafers: Clarks


  1. rocking the casual chic x

  2. I like it! Nothing beats a sheer blouse. And the weather is so hideous right now, wearing dresses feels wrong :(