Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The next few weeks are gonna be hectic! Painfully hectic... With my final project due as well as my portfolio and an exhibition to get ready for I feel fashion is gonna fall by the way side (even if I am making a fashion magazine for the final project/exhibition.) I think if I have time tomorrow I might pop into a few shops and pick up some loose fitting graphic tees. Something cool, a little bright and very busy. And I really don't care what print is on it, a photo, a mirrored design, stripes, a doodle, type; I'll take them all! I always think they are a great solution to dealing with busy days without resorting to the dreaded tracksuit. Shudder.

Yes, the next month or so will be filled with loose tops and and comfy pants... Personally I would love these beauties which you can find on Asos.

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