Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Before the rain set in my mother and I went into town (what a glorious place to be!) We decided to hit a few exhibitions seeing as it is Eigse after all (Eigse is a week long art festival here in Carlow) and topped it off with a gorgeous lunch in a lovely local restaurant called Lennons. If you are ever in Carlow do try to eat there, it's so quirky and chic and very very tasty! I thoroughly enjoyed the several exhibitions that were dotted around the town. Some stuff were good, some stuff I didn't understand. But that is the beauty of art, in my opinion at least.

I got myself a maxi dress (as ye can see) and I am thrilled with it! I really hated the brightly coloured empire-line ones, I just looked like a heavily pregnant woman in them so they were a definite no-no. But this kind is very urban and relaxed and well cooler (again in my opinion). AND I don't look preggers which is always a bonus! It is super light and super comfy and it is rapidly becoming a staple... Though I wish I had it in black as well. Sure isn't that always the way.

The last shot was of the last gallery we went to. The building was just gorgeous inside (exposed brick work and everything just left as it was) so I took a sneaky snap on my phone while no one was looking and while begging my mother to stop touching the work. They were tactile pieces in her opinion and she could stroke away!

Jacket: Vintage
Dress: New Look
Converse: Littlewoods
Bag: Vintage
Anchor Brooch: Shutterbug
Font Snob Pin: Etsy
Necklace: Oasis


  1. love your outfit OVE the fontsnob badge! Would love one like it!!

  2. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    great look!
    love it!


  3. 'Font Snob' haha love it :) You look so pretty!
    That bag was a great find too