Monday, July 30, 2012

graphic monday: graduate edition

Here is more work from my class. Next up is Arron Croasdell. A very talented designer and an insanely talented illustrator (we have hinted many times at him that he should pursue that road.) Anyway, here are some pieces of his exhibition piece for this years graduate show. We were all in awe of it. He created several illustrated postcards and wooden blocks with some of his illustrations transferred onto them.

His piece is called Sailing the Sea of Simplicity. In Taoism, Wu Wei is a concept which involves knowing when and when not to act. Literally translated it means without effort or without action. It is also likened to water, due to its soft and yielding nature. The idea here being that one should not try to force things, but to go with the flow and follow nature's course. The woodblock is also another metaphor for Wu Wei, as it is like a blank canvas unaffected by knowledge or experience. So it suits as an appropriate material for this project. The world is a very busy place and maybe we try to do to much.

To see more of Arron's work just follow the link to his online portfolio. Arron is also selling those gorgeous wooden block on etsy so feel free to take a gander and maybe purchase something.

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