Friday, August 3, 2012

shoe lust...

Gosh, I haven't had a shoe lust post in a long time! Too busy with college and work I suppose. But trust me I have indeed been lusting! And these babies I just spotted this morning... From Acne, they are of course well outside of my budget. I think they are well over €400 after postage and conversion. Shudder! That's a lot of moolah! But just look at them... Who wouldn't want them??? A fantastic autumn boot in my opinion. A rich brick red to suit my winter wardrobe colour scheme of black, grey, navy, wine, dark green (you get the picture I like dark colours.) These boots would spice things up, give me a lift and keep my toes warm and dry. 

Perfection. Plus they are dead cool looking.

Hopefully the high street will make a wonderful replica that will suit my purse strings a little more. Hopefully!

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