Sunday, August 5, 2012

leather leather...

I have been following the work of Zana Bayne for quite some time now... Two years I'd say. I found her first through her blog which is sexy, quirky and filled with all sorts of black clothing and interesting people. And then I noticed she always had these amazing belts and harnesses over her dresses and jumpers and skirts ad pants and well pretty much everything she owned. I loved them! I needed them! She took something that had a sinister/dirty/kinky/s&m vibe to it and wore it over her every day clobber. It was such a brilliant idea. I went to find out where she got such interesting pieces... Turns out she makes them herself! I was of course really impressed. When I first found them she had a teeny shop on Etsy, now she has her own online website and her work has been showcased on runways and magazines all over the world and have been used in one Lady Gaga's music videos. Pretty impressive I think!

I have wanted one for myself (in particular the little peplum belt.) She has so many pieces in a variety of colours and even some suitable for vegans. Unfortunately, they are a good bit out of my price range but I think they are worth saving up for.

Check out her work here!


  1. they look amazing! not sure I would go for the harness but they're truly amazing pieces

  2. And some are so intricate... Truly works of art!