Wednesday, August 8, 2012

yellow town blues...

The weather has been pretty okay in Carlow over the past few days. Rain here and there but mostly dry and quite warm. It's nice to be able to wear skirts and shorts (yes I actually wore shorts yesterday) without tights and yet not sweating like a mad yolk in the heat. I like the balance at the moment. Though I hear we will be a getting a teeny heat wave over the next few days and I am perfectly happy with that too! I shouldn't complain so I won't...

I actually went to take these photos in an empty house at the end of my street. It has some gorgeous old stone work and since it was not being inhabited I thought what's the harm?! I started setting up the tripod and checking the screen when an elderly man popped his head out the front door. Too embarrassed to say I wanted to take pictures of my outfit I simply said I wanted a photo of the wall! Which I realise now sounded much worse. He asked "just the wall?" to which I responded with a definite "yes." He seemed awfully confused by the whole thing (which is understandable since now he had what appeared to be a lover of walls and who also collected pictures of them on his hands) but he let me carry on regardless. So I took a few quick snaps and got the hell out of there! That's what I get for trying to be daring with my outfit post photos...

At least I can use the wall shots in my collages for FELT. So there was an upside.

Top: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: Dunnes
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Ring: Gift (from France)
Locket: (Gift)


  1. Your ring is just amazing! Love the color on the stone!

  2. Thanks, my mother bought it for me because I have a serious thing for canary diamonds!