Monday, July 9, 2012

new boots...

These boots have been on my feet pretty much non-stop since I bought them over a week a go... I have been on the search for a nice pair of ankle boots ever since I saw what Acne had to offer (would have been great if I could actually afford them!) Thankfully Penneys came to the rescue with a nice, cheap pair that are super comfy and quite cool in my opinion. There are so many reasons why these boots are great... Firstly, at €18 I couldn't really resist! Secondly, I think (nay, know) that these will go with nearly everything in my wardrobe: dresses, ski pants, jeans, shorts, skirts etc. Thirdly, they are perfect in this wet but warm/sticky weather because they keep my feet dry and elevated and still look great with bare legs. Delighted not to have to wear tights all the time. And finally they add a certain edginess to my outfits that I have been craving for a while now... All in all I am one happy bunny!

I can see myself wearing these right through ALL the seasons... 


  1. I looked at them but was worried whether they will be wearable... as in comfortable :) are they?? u're right, they're so perfect for this weather

  2. They are seriously comfortable! I suggest you get them before they are all gone

  3. Congratulations on those beautiful boots! That’s pretty cool for the cheap price and black color design. I could also feel your excitement when you said that you were eager to wear your new boots. You might’ve even felt like a superstar the first time you wore it. Hehehe!

    Lisette Laughlin